Habitat Enhancement

Legacy Habitat Management Ltd have many years’ experience in vegetation removal projects to manage & enhance wildlife habitat, remove unwanted species and/or create an enriched biodiversity. We have a strong background in ecological contracting work and are one of the UK’s leading contractors in this field, completing large scale newt fencing and wildlife mitigation projects nationwide.

The need for vegetation removal or reduction for habitat enhancement can form part of a larger wildlife mitigation project such as great crested newt protection where reduction of vegetation can help to discourage this protected species from certain areas where they might be at risk. This habitat sterilization can be a necessary to allow for development or other groundworks and is often accompanied by the creation or improvement of new habitat nearby. Other projects can necessitate to removal of undesirable species or unmanaged vegetation to improve biodiversity and provide more suitable wildlife habitat. When done properly, this can allow for replanting, reseeding or natural re-establishment of flora.

Legacy Habitat Management operate a number of well maintained, large contact machines for carrying out vegetation management task. Our Fendt 900 Series tractor with AWHI mulcher is the ideal machine for the efficient removal of all types of dense vegetation and reducing to a much, that combined with topsoil creates an ideal substrate for replanting or revegetating with improved species diversity. We also have a number of large contract hammer flails for large scale or targeted vegetation and scrub reduction. We can also offer onsite chipping and removal from site of tree and other woody scrub material using our Heizomat whole tree chipper.

Legacy Habitat Management have many years of experience working on projects where an ecologically sensitive approach is required and understand the need to protect other species of flora and fauna. Our portfolio of previous contracts includes work on National Parks, SSSI’s and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

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